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  • The most important thing to remember when playing Video Poker - complete the game with the strongest hand as your payout is dependent on the value of the hand you are holding.
  • Most versions of our casino software allow you to use "Expert Mode" to analyze the percentage chances of hitting a certain hand based on what you choose to hold.
  • If you're new to Video Poker, try mastering Jacks or Better first - its strategy is the easiest to understand.
  • Use the Double feature in Video Poker to double your winnings (up to a set Doubling Limit decided upon by the individual Casinos). You get a choice of four cards, and you need to choose one which must be higher than the exposed card to double your money. This can be risky, but you can win big this way.
  • In Video Poker, it's easier to draw an outside straight (*-6-7-8-9-*) than an inside straight (6-7-*-9-10) because you can complete your hand by increasing the chances of getting a card on either side of it.
  • Keep any pair of cards rather than hang onto a high card. Novice players tend to keep a high card in favor of a pair of twos - going for three of a kind gives the player better odds.
  • If you are dealt a Jack and your hand allows it, hold onto the Jack. A common mistake is to hold onto a higher card but Jacks provide the most opportunities for getting more lucrative hands.
  • Never keep a kicker (a single high card [J,Q,K,A] that has the potential to turn into a winning pair) with any pair or three of a kind. Holding the kicker will reduce your return by 5%.
How to Play

In Video Poker, the odds involved greatly depend on the player's Poker skill. The aim is simple - get dealt the best hand from five cards out of a 52-card deck. However it's up to you to decide which cards will best complete your winning hand.


In Video Poker the player is dealt a single hand of five cards, while in Power Poker the player is dealt four hands of five cards each. The latest Power Poker game recently launched by Microgaming is called Aces and Faces 10 Player Power Poker.

Video Poker and Power Poker games can vary in terms of whether they use wild cards or not, and in the payouts that they offer per hand combination.

Popular variations of Video Poker and Power Poker that are available at all Belle Rock Gaming Online Casinos include Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, Deuces and Joker, Joker Poker, Tens or Better, Double Joker and Louisiana Double Video Poker.

If you would like to play Video Poker and win a Progressive Jackpot at the same time, we suggest you try Jackpot Deuces Progressive Poker or SupaJax. These games are available at all Belle Rock Gaming Online Casinos. Mouse over the logos on the right to download the Casino software of your choice, and start your winning streak today.

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