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  • The most important tip you should remember when playing Slots - always play the most coins possible. This way you'll enable more paylines, which means more ways to win, and probably the only way to win the big money!
  • Regular Slots or "straight" Slots offer the most realistic odds. If you choose a Slot machine with more reels, you stand to win more money.
  • Before you start playing, identify which symbols constitute a jackpot on that particular game. Symbols vary from game to game.
  • Adopt a strategy so that you do not always place the same bet. Many players use the elastic method, or the up the steps method. For example, you start by betting two coins and if you win, you increase the bet to the maximum play. You play maximum coins as long as you keep winning. As soon as you lose, drop down to the middle bet. If you lose again, drop to the minimum bet. As soon as you start winning increase your coins to the middle bet and up to the maximum bet for as long as the winning streak holds.
  • It is important to realize the difference between coin size versus number of coins bet. On a single payline Slot, betting more coins will activate different paytables, allowing for bigger winnings. On multi-payline games, betting more coins activates additional paylines. Clicking BET MAX will bet the maximum number of coins, but will not affect your coin size.
  • Coin size determines payout, as paytables always quote in coins. If your coin size is 0.25 ($, £, or ˆ) and you hit a combination which pays 200 coins, you will win 50 casino credits. If your coin size is 5.00, and you hit the same pay combination, you will get paid out 1,000 casino credits!
How to Play

The goal is to line up identical symbols on the payline. Often this is the line in the center of the Slot-window, but there can be multiple lines depending on the number of reels offered by the game that you're playing. Only a winning combination of symbols on this line will result in a payout.

Your only job - hit the jackpot by getting a winning combination on a payline.


3-Reel Slots with 1 (Double Magic), 3 (Cool Buck) or 5 paylines (Goblins Gold). Playing MegaSpin slots is similar to 'working' a whole bank of machines in a Casino, players can bet on anything from 2 to 9 games at once (Double Magic MegaSpin, Fantastic Sevens MegaSpin).

Bonus slots have different bonus features making it more exciting for you to play (Big Kahuna, Diamond Deal, Sizzling Scorpions).


Slots games vary in terms of payouts, coin denominations, the number of reels and whether there are single or multiple paylines.

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