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3) 70% for Lifestyle

When considering how to spend this 70% you should divide it between necessities and luxuries. Use some of it to catch up bills, pay off credit accounts, etc. Use it to get ahead.

But, and I stress this wholeheartedly; make sure you use some of it to splurge. I�m serious. Be practical with some of it first but then just be totally, completely illogical with some of it.

Do something fun. Do something you�ve wanted to do but didn�t have the money to do. Buy yourself something you�ve been depriving yourself from having because it �wasn�t in your budget.�

There is a psychological reason for this.

Think about it. When you �Win� money your brain starts thinking �Yeah, I can blow it on�[whatever comes to your mind]!� That�s a typical reaction.

What if you then give some away to charity, invest some and pay the bills with the rest and your brain gets no �fun� satisfaction whatsoever. What do you think it�s going to do?

Right - it�s going to start regretting your decisions to use the 10/20/70 plan and it�s going to want to go back to the 100% plan where you totally splurge and wind up deeper in debt than before winning the money.

Do you want to have fun with your money and know that you�re protecting your financial future or do you want to continue to fall further behind and deeper in financial ruin?

It�s up to you. But I hope when you win at, or wherever, that you choose to use this 10/20/70 plan and truly stack the odds in your favor for a happy financial future. is so simple, so powerful, and so profitable for the players� it just makes sense. We look forward to making you a winner.

Scott Britner blended his background in programming and analysis with a little creativity and a lot of focus on the customer to develop the unique system. If you want to benefit from Increasing Jackpots, Guaranteed Weekly Winners, Instant Winner Bonuses, and No Limits... then check out


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